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Streamfinity gets more features out of your Twitch account
while focusing on your chat & account security.

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Manage your moderators straight from the Streamfinity-Interface and be always aware, which users can moderate your chat.


Streamfinity stores all chat messages for you and offers you the possibility to search the chat history of a viewer.

Unban Requests

Banned users can file an appeal for their ban and the appeals can be evaluated by you or your moderators.


Be informed about the actions of your moderators! Streamfinity stores all timeouts, bans and such like, together with the name of the moderator who performed the action.


Inform your viewers about upcoming streams by creating events, which you and your moderators can edit and can be synchronized with Google or Apple.


If wanted your moderators can use a lot of functions of your Streamfinity account as well. You can edit permissions at all times. It’s also possible to enable moderators to manage other moderators.

API Interface

With the help of the Streamfinity API, all services that the streamer has available (Unbans, Chat messages and so on) can be implemented in other services.

...and much more

Be surprised how much more helpful tools will be integrated in the future.




Timeouts & Bans


Unban Requests




Twitch streamer Staiy presents Streamfinity!


What do users say about Streamfinity?

Well, it's like Nightbot. But useful.

Managing moderators? GG.

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Looking for an individual solution?

Upon request we also offer solutions for individual requests,
for example if you wish to connect multiple channels to Streamfinity
or if some of your own ideas should be implemented.



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