TLDR; Streamfinity has been discontinued.

If you're a viewer and just want to appeal for unbanning from a chat, I need to disappoint you since we have shut down our services.

Thank you all for your massive support! Since 2016 Streamfinity has been keeping record of...

  • 135.000.000+ messages
  • 387.000+ timeouts
  • 29.797 twitch accounts
  • 11.807 unban requests
  • 8.055 moderators
  • 419 partners

... and 15.720.938 combined followers.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

– Roman // HerrAusragend

Why shut down?

Streamfinity is a single-developer project. I currently have no time to maintain the project besides my main job and studies. In addition, Twitch has added a new feature which allows Moderators to view user chat & timeout logs in the Twitch chat. This has replaced the main functionality of Streamfinity.

What will happen with my data?

We will keep the data for another 30 days to provide support. After that period all data will be deleted.